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ANDRA Super Street Licence
ANDRA Super Street Licence

Our Price: $134.00

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Please ensure you sent a head shot photo to be included on your membership card to info@andra.com.au


The ANDRA Super Street Licence is suitable for competitors not requiring a UDL, but wishing to hold an ANDRA permanent licence for cars and motorcycles 10.00 seconds ¼ mile (6.40 seconds 1/8th mile), Unmodified Production Motorcycles 9.50 seconds ¼ mile (6.00 seconds 1/8 mile) and slower as long as the vehicle meets the class requirements for the ET.

The licence is valid for 12 months from the last day of the month of issue. Applicants may apply for an ANDRA Super Street Licence upon turning 17 years of age, the licence will be fully endorsed only after performance testing at level three. No medical examination is required.

A Super Street Licence also includes all the benefits of membership including ANDRA Fastlane magazine, a rule book, ANDRA stickers and a membership card. Please note, for your licence to be approved and processed, you must tick the box in the options listed agreeing to, as a member of the Australian National Drag Racing Association Ltd, undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association, as detailed in the ANDRA Constitution and the ANDRA Rule Book. By ticking this box you also certify that the answers you have given are true and that you are under no disability, which, if known to ANDRA, might cause it to reject the application. If issued with the credentials, you undertake to observe all requirements of the ANDRA Competition Regulations and of the Supplementary Regulations of any authorised event in which you participate. We also require you to email a head and shoulders photograph to info@andra.com.au for your membership card to be processed.

Read the ANDRA Code of Conduct